Craig Pittman
Award-winning author of "Oh, Florida!" "The Scent of Scandal" and "Manatee Insanity," and co-author of "Paving Paradise."
Craig Pittman's Journalism
Craig Pittman on the Ichetucknee River.
Craig Pittman on the Ichetucknee River.

Dead cat walking
In this series, based on two years of investigation, Tampa Bay Times environmental reporter Craig Pittman examines what went wrong and whether the panther is now a dead cat walking.

Vanishing Wetlands
Despite a presidential policy of "no net loss," Florida has lost at least 84,000 acres of wetlands in the past 15 years. How hard is it to get permission to destroy these "protected" areas? Just ask.

Off Our Shores?
Changing political tides may bring oil rigs-and waves of toxic chemicals-closer to our coast.

Mad About Manatees
How did these gentle creatures find themselves in the middle of a pitched battle between boaters and environmentalists?

North has it, South wants it
Florida water flows bountifully far from its thirstiest corners. Business leaders would see it rerouted, for cash.

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